On February 15-16 the meeting of Cooperation Committee and Project Committee of EEA/Norway Grants 2009-2014 program LV05 “Scholarships and Research” took place in Norway. On the first day of the meeting, 4 research projects that have the University of Oslo as a partner presented their interim results. The results of LAMBA project were presented by professor Hanne Gram Simonsen from UiO and researcher Olga Urek from UiT. Professor Dace Markus also attended the meeting as a delegate of Latvian Rectors Council. 

On the second day, the meeting participants got acquainted with the program progress, funding and publicity, and discussed the results achieved so far as well as plans for the future. Latvian-Norwegian research cooperation was assessed as valuable and mutually enriching. It was decided to continue the program, focusing on the synergy between research, education and innovation. It was also decided to work on joint applications to Horizon 2020.  

Many thanks for enthusiasm and impressive interim results to all LAMBA project participants from RPIVA, LUMII, LU HZF, UiT and UiO! 

Presentation of the results: LAMBA_Oslo_150216.pdf



This project is being funded from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 under Project Contract n° NFI/R/2014/053