WP1: Data collection for CDI I and CDI II has been completed with 718 questionnaires filled-out. Norm development and creation of the CDI user handbook is now in progress.


WP2: The phoneme accuracy tests (Latvian and Russian) administration in the kindergartens is finished, 1100 recordings are evaluated and responses entered into the database, analysis of the results is published in scientific articles and user manual and developmental norms are created.


WP3: The collection of longitudinal corpora of monolingual (Latvian speaking) and bilingual (Russian and Latvian speaking) children’s speech was completed.  About 134 hours of recordings have beencollected and partially orthographically transcribed. Orthographically transcribed data have been morphologically annotated.  To search in the morphologically and orthographically annotated data, the experimental search interface was developed.


WP4: Data analysis for the experiment on gender agreement is completed, work on publications is in progress. Data reflecting acquisition of definiteness category in Latvian monolingual andbilingual children has been transcribed, coded and analysed, work on publications is in progress. Phonemic transcription & coding of child production data has been completed, analysis and work on publications is underway.



This project is being funded from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 under Project Contract n° NFI/R/2014/053